Sodium and Other Updates

We finally got into a room around midnight and by then I was even more exhausted than I usually am.

Of course, even though I had already gone over our contact info, as well as her current meds and symptoms twice in the ER – which they had updated in the computer- I had to list them all again, which only further annoyed me (I despise inefficiency πŸ˜‰). 

Tori remained asleep for most of the night, even during the eleven sticks they did to try to find a vein (still unsuccessful), which is likely because they stopped her feeds after 6:30pm. 

I was awakened constantly by doctors and nurses asking me questions, so it wasn’t the most restful night, but I’m used to that anyway πŸ˜‰

Her sodium levels early this morning were 114, which is dangerously low, I am told. Normal levels are 130-145. 

They continue to monitor them and to try solutions to increase the sodium levels. They said this would explain her fatigue and possibly the respiratory issues as well.

Also, her g-tube fell out this morning so that has been an adventure πŸ˜„

Overall, though, her stats have been great!

Still hoping to get to go home today but not sure that will happen. 

At least we have a much better view now than we did in February, AND Starbucks is now even closer to the elevators so I will stay caffeinated today πŸ˜„


6 thoughts on “Sodium and Other Updates

  1. Praying every time I touch my prayer box… I am sure you and Brennan are much more stressed than you appear in your posts. We are all thinking about you. Hang in and try to keep up your strength. The Lord is right there with you!

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  2. Dear Brennan, Lesa and Victoria Ruth:
    Know that many are praying for you, tonight, for total restoration of all things Victoria! May all 3 of you enjoy a great night of rest and total Shalom, in Yahshua our Messiah’s Name. May you continue to sense His awesomely overwhelming Presence

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