Tori’s Bucket List: Go to a Hershey Bears Game and Meet Coco

One of the first ideas that came to mind as we created Tori’s Bucket List was to attend a Hershey Bears Game, and we decided to go with Brennan’s mom and siblings. They all love hockey and I sing the National Anthem for the Bears, so it was a perfect fit!

Thanks to our good friend, Nate, and the generosity of the Hershey Bears, it was made possible! They even went above and beyond and helped us find an extension cord for Tori’s “portable” oxygen concentrator (which has proved to not be so portable).

We had a great evening together at the Teddy Bear Toss game and watched as 18,115 stuffed animals were created for local hospitals to give to children! It’s always been Brennan’s favorite game so we were excited to take Tori to this one.

Tori even got to meet Coco – the mascot of the Bears – because we have a special connection to him. 😉 Coco even gave her an autographed puck!

Aunt Kelly arranged for some of the injured players to come over to meet Tori, and that was really special for all of us, but especially for Esther since her favorite player was one of the young men who came over to meet us.

It was a wonderful evening of hockey with family and we’re so thankful for this opportunity.

2 thoughts on “Tori’s Bucket List: Go to a Hershey Bears Game and Meet Coco

  1. Enjoy going back to your familiar surroundings, your home today, Honey Victoria! We praise our Father and Savior for this excellent news!


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