Tori was discharged from the hospital around 1:30pm on Sunday!

Her sodium has remained steady since they stopped one of her meds. We will continue to add a sodium mixture to her breastmilk until she has lab work in about a week to check the sodium levels.

She remains on 3/4L of oxygen, unfortunately, but this will possibly be lowered in the future. The oxygen is helping keep her blood oxygen level higher when she holds her breath (which is often, due to the deteriorating brain) because it was dropping lower than they would like during those times.

One thing that is making the presence of oxygen in our home a bit easier now is the extra tubing we were given. This allows us to keep the oxygen concentrator in our bedroom and not in the living room anymore – and we don’t have to move it back and forth! We have plenty of tubing to allow us to carry Tori around the house if we wanted to do so 😄

We are happy to be home but we really did enjoy our stay at Hershey Medical Center. We have had two stays there with Tori and both times we loved the nurses and the doctors. She is in great hands there and we know the nurses and respiratory therapists really cared about Tori. ❤️

Thank you all for praying for Tori ❤️


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