On Hospice and Heaven

I was previously under the impression that hospice was only called in when death was imminent, that it was a service used only in a person’s last days.

So, when the idea was presented to us during Tori’s hospital stay I was understandably confused. It felt so surreal to be having that discussion because she is still doing so well.

It was then explained to us that a person can be on hospice for years and that it is merely another resource to make our lives easier. 

Make things easier? Yes, please.

Today two hospice nurses came over to take care of the “intake” process and to discuss the services they can provide. 

For now, they will simply provide services like medication delivery, nursing visits as needed (including emergency ones before going to the ER in order to keep us home), and anything we need in the meantime.

They will also help us with making end of life decisions as needed.

End of life. It’s still so strange to think that we are discussing Tori in these terms.

We’ve heard from others that Hospice was a great blessing during a rough time, so we are glad to have this resource at our disposal.


All of this talk of death has made us, once again, so thankful for the hope of Heaven that we have as followers of Jesus.

This world is not our home!

Scripture tells us that we will be made whole, that we will have no more pain or tears, that our bodies will be whole and restored and made new.

We will be living with Jesus and the angels He created (though we do not become angels ourselves) and be reunited with our loved ones who also believed that Jesus is the Son of God. What a family reunion awaits us!

There will be no more death, no more war, no sickness, no conflict. No hunger or thirst. Nothing bad at all.

No more Krabbe.

What will there be?










Can you imagine? 

The hurt and devastation around the world is overwhelming and only adds to my heartbreak, so I try to avoid news most days.

However, the more I read the news the greater my longing for Heaven. I long for the peaceful, perfect place the Bible describes far more now than ever before and I can’t wait to walk with Jesus someday. 

Do I want Tori to go to Heaven before us? Of course not. We want to keep her with us for the rest of our lives, and we still pray for a miraculous healing. 

And yet, if that is God’s Will, we know she will be in good hands until we meet her there someday. ❤️

6 thoughts on “On Hospice and Heaven

  1. Your strength and faith are inspiring to me, especially after having lost two parents recently. I hold tightly to my faith , and reading your post strengthens me through you.
    What an amazingly strong family you are despite having such a horrific medical diagnosis for your beautiful Tori.
    God bless you and lift you as you continue this journey.

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  2. You have blessed us with sharing of your faith and love. My heart aches for you, but knowing that Jesus will be babysitting is a relief beyond words. I share your posts with my church family and we all pray for healing and for you and Brennan’s strength in your faith.
    God has done a miraculous thing here…you are so articulate and your writings are so moving; laying out your bare emotions has brought me closer to our Lord and Saviour, as well as many others. Thank you for sharing your daughter and family with us.
    God bless you this Christmas season and forevermore.

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  3. Thank you for pouring your heart out to the world. I am sure it is hard. My niece has krabbe and your thoughts and words make it easier to support her mother and father. God bless you and your family.

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  4. I believe Tori is a spiritual servant like my granddaughter Kennedy was. I was amazed at the number of people in all kinds of far-flung places who were touched by Kennedy and I see the same thing happening with Tori. Their little lives engender such goodness in this old, tired, wicked world. God bless you all.

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