Occupational Therapy 

Today we were visited by Tori’s occupational therapist and two of her students. The students were here to do some activities with Tori as part of their final exam. Tori also had her “vital stim” therapy simultaneously (this stimulates the throat muscles to help her maintain good breathing and swallowing capabilities).

One student focused on her hands and the other on her eyes and vision.

The hand student had Tori feel something like what we called Gak growing up. You can see her reactions in the pictures. 😄 He then used a ball and rubbed the texture on her arms and legs to see if she would react.

The vision student used a glowing wand to watch her eyes track the movement. She then got to hold it in her hand.

It was a neat experience and I’m glad Tori was such a willing participant.

This was a great opportunity for them to learn about Krabbe and leukodystrophies, so we were grateful that her therapist thought of us as a possibility for their finals!


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