Tori’s Song

This beautiful post was written about Tori and I want to re-post it on our blog so we will always have it ❤️

Heart & Altar

Such fragile moments these gifted breaths. Each one surmounting the miracle of the one before while in careful awe and anticipation of the one that comes after. Or at least that is our hope, our expectation. We take if for granted and long forget to cherish the divine sweetness filling our lungs: the wind of mercy; this breath of Heaven. But what of when we linger and cling to each heartbeat. savoring every infinitely tiny nuance of mortality in the face of that which thrives in the silence and void of our laughter and joy, our peace, our happiness, and most of all, our faith?

She told me her story a few weeks ago. Cheyenne Bennett is a good friend of mine offering her occupation as a gift to the elderly imparting within them the immeasurable gifts of respect, honor, and love. During one of those phone conversations traversing countless…

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3 thoughts on “Tori’s Song

  1. Yes, Father in Heaven: Restore Victoria Ruth Brackbill to Your order this day! We trust You, completely. You always finish what You begin. For that, we are eternally grateful. We love You and reverence You and thank You forever for sending Your only Son to die for our sins and our sicknesses and by HIs stripes, we are healed. We wait on You.

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  2. This is an incredibly moving post, and I’m sure it is a blessing for you and Brennan to once again hear how powerfully your daughter is affecting us. She is important, beautiful, and cared for by Lord; so much so that thousands of complete strangers have built a room for her in our hearts. Lord God Almighty, healer and creator, we pray for complete earthly healing for this beautiful child! Amen!

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