Tori’s Bucket List: Picture with Santa

My parents had mentioned that they would love to have a photo of Tori with Santa, but with her being in the hospital – and the normal holiday and family events of December – it just didn’t happen.

We realized last week that we hadn’t gone to see Santa yet, but by then it was going to be super crazy anywhere we went (and lots of germs around, which we have to watch now).

So, we asked Tori’s amazing Aunt Kelly if Santa was going to be staying in Hershey a little longer after Christmas, and she set up a private visit for us at the Hershey Lodge!

Tori was alert and comfy with Santa, though she wasn’t really sure what was growing out of his face (white beard).

Special thanks to Kelly, Jen, Maggie, John, Larry, Vicki, and, of course, Santa, for doing this.

Being able to take Tori to see Santa without waiting in long lines and being surrounded by germs was the best possible experience for which we could have asked!

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