Another Hockey Game for Miss Tori 

Brennan receives free tickets a few times a year for Hershey Bears games as an employee perk.

My parents enjoy going to games so we were happy to find out that one of the employee nights was during their visit! This is something we have done with Brennan’s mom already this season, and we will go with Brennan’s dad at some point as well, which will mean that she will have gone to see the Bears with all but two of her grandparents!

It was an enjoyable evening and Miss Tori even stayed awake for the entire game! 🙂

Even Coco made a special visit to see us in our special seats!

We hope to take her to many more games this season 🙂


2 thoughts on “Another Hockey Game for Miss Tori 

  1. Victoria, you are so loved. And, underneath you are the Everlasting Arms of your Heavenly Father, Who is fighting for you today in the heavenly realm. He will continue to provide every need for you and your mom and dad, from His riches through the Messiah, Yahshua: the YH Who Saves! May He continue to save and deliver you from this malady; we continue to pray that along with you. xoxoxo

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