How 2015 Turned Out Differently 

For the past few years, I, along with many others, have chosen a word or two to focus on for the year for personal growth.

I had completely forgotten about these words until I found this note on my phone recently. 

Even though things haven’t gone as hoped, I found it interesting that these words still remained in my focus. I simply lived them out differently. 

The words I had been considering for 2015 (and how I thought I would live them out) were: 
* Simplify – declutter, purge, organize our house.

* Renew – love for God and Bible, marriage.

* Refine – house organization and processes.

* Intentional – focus on what really matters.

What actually happened?

* Simplify – We were forced (in a way) to cut out activities and commitments and only keep the most important things. Our pace of life is much slower. With the addition of medical equipment and supplies into our home it has also forced us to begin to purge our belongings and simplify in that way, as well.

* Renew – God has shown Himself to us in so many powerful ways this year, thereby renewing and strengthening my faith. Our marriage has been strengthened and renewed as we have made this journey together with Tori.

* Refine – We have had to make things so much simpler around the house and be more organized due to the added equipment, supplies, and routines for Tori. We are constantly trying to improve our organization as well as purging our belongings in order to function as well as possible.

* Intentional – Tori’s diagnosis radically shifted our focus and we have lived this one out much differently than anticipated. Her bucket list has been very intentional and has helped us focus on joy, life, and love.

I don’t yet have a word (or words) for 2016, but I think these four will continue to be a focus for me. 

2015 has been a year of joy amidst the deepest sorrow, and we have no idea what 2016 will hold. 

What we do know is that we will continue to love Tori and each other wholeheartedly, no matter what comes, and we will continue to choose joy in the Lord as we walk this path He has set before us. ❤️

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