Tori’s Bucket List: Join a Hockey Team

We were recently contacted by a woman whose daughter plays for one of the Hershey Jr. Bears hockey teams. She was touched by Tori’s story and said they really wanted to do something special for her.

She later contacted me and asked if they could make Tori an honorary member of their team and have a little ceremony to commemorate it. We were so excited! Brennan LOVES hockey and this was especially meaningful to us because we are fans of the Hershey Bears 🙂

They asked us to come to the rink before their game and two of the girls read a touching speech about Tori and Krabbe. Tori was then presented with a stick, a puck, and a jersey. She’s really part of the team now!

(photos below courtesy of Pam Huggins, one of the team moms)

(Photos below taken by Brennan’s sister, Kelly)

This same group is organizing a mother-daughter tea party for Tori and you are welcome to join us! We are so excited about this! Details are below:

Thank you to Wendy and the other parents who made this possible. Thank you to the girls for allowing Tori to be part of your team ❤

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