Pittsburgh, Round Five: Day One

Tori had two appointments today: ophthalmology and audiology.

The ophthalmologist dilated her eyes to evaluate the anatomy and we will get the results later this week.   

Tori always makes the best facial expressions when her eyes are like this 😉



We brought her cool Minnie Mouse shades to protect her eyes after the appointment ❤️



After her eye appointment we were able to spend time with the Bazar family and precious Anniston! Anniston is almost two and lives in Louisiana. We are so glad they are here at the same time as us!


Tori then had her audiology test – Auditory Brainstem Response Evaluation. She was supposed to be asleep for the test so I guess it worked out that she didn’t sleep much last night 😉


Sweet Anniston and her family brought Tori some sweet gifts – things that Anniston enjoys ❤️


We are so thankful for those who have brought us meals and snacks! Your kindness is so appreciated. ❤️

Tomorrow we see Dr. Escolar and Tori will have her fourth MRI. 

Tori has been drooling like crazy because of teething and we have been suctioning constantly – please pray for relief for her ❤️

It’s been a good day 😄

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