A Night to Breathe

Last year (right after Tori’s diagnosis), I was invited to attend a beautiful evening for mothers called “A Night to Breathe” and it was such a refreshing event. It was hosted by author Sarah Mae and her friend, Amy Smoker. Both women spoke and it was as if the Lord has given them words just for my heart.

I was so excited when I heard that they were going to have another event this year!

Then, snowpocalypse happened and the event was postponed until March 19th – when we were supposed to be in California.

Since our plans changed, I contacted Sarah to ask if there was still room for me, and she said yes!

It was a lovely evening at a hotel downtown. Everything was perfect – the decorations, the cupcakes, the company, the worship, and, of course, the wise speakers.

I wrote pages of notes, as usual, but here are the highlights that meant the most to me from each speaker:


When our approval is from God, we can believe we are exactly the mom our children need. We don’t have to keep up with other moms or compare our journeys.

Travel/live at the pace of your children. Slow down and don’t be too busy.


Your job isn’t to fix what’s inside of you; your job is to follow God’s gentle leading and allow Him to fix it.

God is GENTLE and KIND.

Be gentle to yourself.

Don’t have a bigger view of your sin than you do of God. He is much bigger!

I’m so thankful that I had this opportunity to attend and to rest and be refreshed.

Thank you, Sarah and Amy, for sharing your hearts with us this evening and for making it possible for all of us to just “be” this evening. ❤️

3 thoughts on “A Night to Breathe

  1. What a wonderful blessing for you! How God encourages our hearts just when we need it is so miraculous in and of itself. The “slowing down” part to live at the pace of your children is SO IMPORTANT. Blessings to you all and prayers for you as well.

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  2. It’s so comforting when God puts us exactly where we need to be. His plan is always the right plan for us. I am so glad that you were able to take the “me” time you needed to refresh spiritually. Continue your focus on your family and God…you’ve got this so right, Lesa, and you are an inspiration to many people. Sending you a big hug. Denise

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  3. Awesome!

    Also, have a wonderful blessed time with your parents on this truly YHVH ordained road trip through the beautiful New England States. What a special memorable refreshing time this will be, for all of you! We are praying for each one of you, Lesa, Brennan and Victoria and the grandfather and grandmother!

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