A Prophetic Note Received

I started this draft of this post over a month ago, and I never posted it for some reason. Now I am glad that I hadn’t posted it because God truly did do a miracle in Tori and it is evident that this message to us was prophetic ❤️

We had been shaken because of a rough week with a few scares and many tears about potentially losing Tori. Then this came. Timing is perfect. We didn’t post about the scares at all, so this shows how God has been moving in the hearts of His people to encourage us.

Lesa and Brennan-I was a member of Dreamers and Builders and have been following your story for quite some time. Tori holds a special place in my heart. I think about her often and I have done my very best to lift her up in prayer over the past year. Your faith in God is inspiring and I want to commend you both for putting everything in His capable hands. 

My relationship with God has grown considerably strong over the past few months. I’ve been in growing closer to Him every single day. This morning, I decided to lift up your family in passionate prayer. 

While I was praying and praising, God revealed something to me. He told me that Tori’s story is nowhere near done. He is just about to get to the really great part! He revealed that her life was always part of His plan and that he was not going to orchestrate a story for His faithful children that was not going to have some surprise twists and not going to give him the ultimate glory. 

I believe that something that can only be provided and done by God will be coming your way very soon. I have no idea what it is or could be, but I am being told it is beautiful and glorious and that you will be delivering praise to Him for it. I truly believe this with all my heart. 

I felt the need to write this to you because I feel that you need to hear this right now! I just feel like you may be starting to succumb to sadness and now is not the time! God wants you to no that there is no place for sadness right now, because he is not done! He is about to deliver a surprise. 

So praise Him right now for whatever is coming your way and believe…. Believe that your daughter is part of His divine plan and his plans are always glorified!

2 thoughts on “A Prophetic Note Received

  1. Lesa, when I read about Tori’s last hours and her coming back to you for a while, I felt something I had never felt before (at least all at one time!). It was grief wrapped up in joy of what God did (evidence of His great love and what He can do), and it was pure worship in my heart. I worshipped Him for her life, the love He gave me for her, the pure miracle of time to say goodbye, and that now, forever on Resurrection Sunday (even though the date will change each year), you will be reminded of a resurrected Tori, free of Krabbe. It’s almost too much to comprehend. I am reading every post, and while I’ve not commented, I am praying and worshiping. I am singing Psalm 126 (All those who are weeping) by Molly Parden:

    Our mouths they were filled, filled with laughter
    Our tongues they were loosed, loosed with joy
    Restore us, O Lord
    Restore us, O Lord

    Although we are weeping
    Lord, help us keep sowing
    The seeds of Your Kingdom
    For the day You will reap them
    Your sheaves we will carry
    Lord, please do not tarry
    All those who sow weeping will go out with songs of joy

    The nations will say, “He has done great things!”
    The nations will sing songs of joy
    Restore us, O Lord
    Restore us, O Lord

    With much love,


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