Tori’s Box

Months ago, as we started thinking through what we wanted to do if God chose to heal Tori in Heaven, we realized that we wanted her to be laid to rest in a simple, handmade box. Our dear friend, Dean, is an amazing craftsman, and he was honored to create “Tori’s box” (we don’t like the other term).

He brought it over today, before taking it to the mortuary, so that we could see it. And I’m so thankful that he did.

He created a beautiful, fitting box for our precious girls’ earthly body, one more incredible than we had even dreamed.

Brennan and I will be privately laying her to rest, and we’re so thankful for the knowledge that she isn’t going to actually be in there – it’s just her earthly vessel. She is running around Heaven, smiling, laughing, and being a typical girl. Despite that knowledge, I’m so thankful for the family of giraffes that will be right there with her body.

Thank you, Dean, for honoring Tori in this way. It means so much. ❤

9 thoughts on “Tori’s Box

  1. Oh my…. It couldn’t be more special and perfect. The mommy, daddy and baby giraffe….. A beautiful way to encircle everything loveable about sweet Tori. What a wonderful gift of love. Perfect and beyond.💜

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  2. What a beautiful box. What a dear friend to craft it for you. May God continue to grant peace in your lives. Knowing that Tori is healed and no more struggle has to be a blessing to you but I know you miss her here on earth. God bless you. Barb Weaver

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