Tori’s Bucket List: Sleepover

We decided to retroactively add this to Tori’s Bucket List because the sweet moment occurred before we created her List.

We had hoped to recreate this one with even more of her Krabbe buddies this July, but the Lord had other plans.

When we were at the Hunter’s Hope Family Symposium last summer, we had laid Tori down to change her diaper on a table and she fell asleep.

Gemma‘s parents put Gemma down next to her for a cute photo and she fell asleep, too! They had their first little sleepover! They even had an empty bag of chips with them, so the sleepover appears to have been a great success 😉

Every girl should experience the joy of spending the night with her best friends, so I’m glad that Tori and Gemma got to have this experience, even though they didn’t realize it was happening 😉

We love both of these girls very much and are looking forward to watching Gemma continue to grow and fight Krabbe valiantly. ❤

And with this, Tori completed FIFTY bucket list items. What an amazing journey we have had celebrating life with her in these little ways.

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