Location Change for Tori’s Celebration!

We quickly outgrew the original space at The Hotel Hershey so we had to scramble to find a new location. 

God provided a PERFECT one for us today! 


You can arrive as early as 9am to visit, look at Tori’s photo albums, write on a special card to share with us the impact Tori had on your life, etc.

Please join us!

3 thoughts on “Location Change for Tori’s Celebration!

  1. God had chosen a beautiful Angel when he chose you Tori.
    You have graced His Kingdom of Heaven with your beauty and perfection.
    Here you shall live a perfectly healthy pain free life.
    Some day you will be together with your entire family.
    Until then run play laugh and enjoy the Grace of our Lord.
    Peace and love to you always baby.
    Hugs and kisses. ❤️💋


  2. Brennen, Lisa & Sweet baby girl Tori, your story has been a God given blessing of love and. Faith for us all . God ‘s. Choice is always the best. You three are very special . Baby girl Tori., it breaks my heart that I never got to hold you in my arms and tell you just how much I love you and how much you have and still are doing for so many . Lisa and Brennen I will hold you both in my arms and tell you both just how much your Love and Faith has lifted me in so many ways. My heart is filled with so much love for you three. You will forever have a wonderful and special place in my heart. Thank you for being you , and I pray and Thank God for you three always. God is like a circle, He is Awesome and has no end.


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