Update: The Wall Project

As most of you know, we had set-up a GoFundMe a month ago to raise enough money to make our main living area more accessible for Tori – both for her safety (quicker access to her from the kitchen) and for new experiences for her (being in the kitchen in her stander).
 The project began while we were on our New England road trip…and then Tori went to Heaven much sooner than expected.
We weren’t sure if we should continue the project since the money was generously donated for *her* benefit…

…but, we realized that we needed to finish what we had started. We taught her to live life fully and to press on even when circumstances aren’t ideal, so we need to live that out in her absence.
The photos below show the progress as of today, and work resumes tomorrow morning. The framing of part of the wall is all that currently remains!
 As someone pointed out to us, we should finish it because we have no idea how we might be “paying it forward” – if we ever sell, who knows how this accessibility might bless someone else? ❤️
We are so disappointed that Tori never got to enjoy this new open space. Yet, we remember that Heaven is WAY better than our small living room and kitchen 😉

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