One Year…

Time is a funny thing. 

Our Tori has been a resident of Heaven for one year as of tomorrow (March 27). It’s surreal, to say the least, to think that we have lived one year without her in our arms. One year without watching her breathe, sleep, and struggle as Krabbe overtook her fragile body. One year since she was healed completely and made whole once again.

Why is it that today, the day before the one year anniversary of Tori’s Heaven-going, my heart feels so heavy? She was gone yesterday, she was gone two months ago; nothing has changed, but for some reason this milestone brings back emotion. This is a rhetorical question, of course. Time is strange in that it heals but it also reminds you of what you once had more strongly as it passes.

We’ve pondered how to spend March 27 for months now, and we came up with an idea last week to return to the Philly Zoo to feed giraffes. However, we won’t be able to do that until April 17, so tomorrow we will celebrate her Heaven-going anniversary by eating fried apples at Cracker Barrel (her favorite!) and remembering her with joy. 

We refuse to sit at home and be sad – that isn’t how we lived life with her and that will not be how we live life without her. We taught her to embrace life and choose to be joyful, and that’s what we will do tomorrow. We remember God’s faithfulness and perfect guidance the ten days before He called her home and are filled with gratitude. 

We miss our baby girl every moment of every day and we anxiously await our someday reunion in Heaven. But, for now, we will continue to live life with passion and joy, just like we did with her here. ❤

5 thoughts on “One Year…

  1. I miss Tori so much. I look at her pictures on my wall everyday. I know she is now pain free and a Beautiful Angel, she was the second Krabbe baby I followed. Thank you Lesa & Brennan for opening your Hearts and home to share her incredible story. Tori lives on in our Hearts and Memories. Love you all. 💞💖

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  2. One year. So quickly and yet I’m sure there were days that crawled by. I hope you take comfort and joy in your celebration tomorrow. When you are all reunited in heaven, i know this year will seem like a blink of an eye.

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  3. God bless both of you. Tori will forever be a part of your lives and so many other lives that she touched. She was loved by so many. Grief is a funny thing, it comes in stages and it seems that on the day you lost your loved one your heart is just a bit more tender and full of memories and love. Take care and know how much we have learned from you during Tori’s journey, your faith was always there and you made many of us stronger in our faith. Hugs.

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  4. Praying for you both! Thank you, as always, for sharing something so deeply personal. We miss her; I always love looking at her pictures on Facebook & remembering our special hang-out time together. Love you guys! 💝

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