Twenty-Week Update

I want to preface with this: the babies are well and we have NO reason to be concerned. 😉

I had appointments yesterday and today, as well as the normal anatomy scan. They were *mostly* cooperative. They kept moving around so that the technician couldn’t get some of the specific pictures needed so I will go back next week for a follow-up scan.

They both look great and are measuring basically on track. One is 13oz and one is 14oz.

It was determined that the twins do share a placenta (monochorionic/diamniotic) which puts them in the middle-of-the-road risk wise. They aren’t the most risky type of twins but they aren’t the least risky, either. 🙂

I’ve been upgraded to “high-risk” because they are monochorionic, as there are a list of potential complications (NO evidence of any, just potentials) such as Twin-to-Twin-Transfusion Syndrome, etc. Because of this, I will have ultrasounds every two weeks, a fetal echo-cardiogram, and other testing. Thankfully we live five minutes from the med center!

They said it’s likely that they will be delivered between 34-36 weeks. While that’s not ideal, we will do whatever is best for the boys.  ❤

Everything looks great and they definitely showed personality during the ultrasound by doing somersaults and curling up instead of cooperating. Today one of them kicked the heart rate monitor as the doctor was trying to quickly listen. 😉


I’m not sure this pregnancy could possibly be any easier and I am so thankful. I know I still have up to 18 weeks to go and that things may become more challenging, but for now I treasure the ease.

6 thoughts on “Twenty-Week Update

  1. BOYS?!? I thought you were having one of each!! Boys are very dear…I had two of them…as are girls…had one of those. Enjoy every moment of this pregnancy…it will soon be over and you’ll be on to the next thing: Getting to know your little ones. 🙂


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