God Always Provides

Two days ago I wrote this about how unexpected expenses (this week being a $413 car repair) keep eating into our budget and making things so tight for us. I wrote about how we knew God would provide and take care of us even though we had no idea how that would happen.

Today I got that answer.

The mail came and there was an envelope from our mortgage company. I typically throw out our statements because we see them online, but I opened this envelope and I’m so glad that I did.

Inside was an escrow refund that, combined with the items we sold yesterday, COVERS THE CAR REPAIR.

Praise the Lord, our loving Father who cares for His children in the simplest of ways! 

I had to come and report back because He is worthy of our praise. We trusted Him to provide and He came through. God is faithful. Always. We need to remember that and always trust Him to care for us, even if the timing isn’t as we’d like it to be.


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