On the News

Yesterday, one of our local news stations came to interview us about the giraffes we have been collecting, HB730, and Krabbe. You can see the report here. CBS21 has been so good to us and has told our story several times in the past few years.

All ready for the news interview
539 giraffes sorted (wrapped and unwrapped) and ready to go!

As of yesterday, we have 539 giraffes for the Teddy Bear Toss next weekend! We love the Hershey Bears and are thankful for their support over the years.

416 are in original packaging so we will be dropping those off on game day so that they can go to medically fragile children. The other 123 (and counting) will go into the arena with us so that we can toss them onto the ice with tens of thousands of other stuffed animals!

We cannot thank you all enough for joining with us to make this happen. We love that we are spreading joy in Tori’s name in such a unique and fun way!

We’re hoping that the news coverage will put pressure on the House of Representatives to move HB730 to the floor for a vote. It has been in a holding pattern after passing out of committee unanimously, mostly because of partisan politics.

If you live in Allegheny (Representative Turzai, Speaker of the House) or Lancaster (Representative Cutler, Majority Leader) counties, we especially need your assistance. See the maps below:

Rep. Turzai’s District
Rep. Cutler’s District


If you live in these two districts, please write to/call your representative! And please ask others to do the same! These two have the power to move HB730 to the floor and it’s so important that they hear from you. You can write through their websites (www.repturzai.com or www.repcutler.com) or the link in the next paragraph.

All PA residents can use this link to write to their representatives and ask for them to move HB730 to the floor.

We need your voices more than ever!

We’ve been working hard to reform Newborn Screening in Pennsylvania for four years now. We’re so close to a victory, but we can’t do this alone. We need your help!

Please write or call today: lives literally depend on it.

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