Travel With Toddlers

I knew that this trip to California would be the most challenging yet with our 20-month old twin toddlers, so I scoured the Internet for ideas of how to entertain them without screens (we are firm believers in not allowing our toddlers to use screens until after they turn 2, at least).

I also needed compact ideas because we didn’t want to carry more than we had to already carry.

So, I got a Thirty-One zipper pouch and filled it with what you see below (oh, and a gallon Ziploc bag of snacks):


What did they actually play with on the plane?

As you can see, the empty cup from our water was entertaining along with the in-flight snacks. They also loved the magazines that were in the seat back pocket. Not pictured, but they did play with their school buses from time to time.

I’m so glad that we had all of this because what should have been an easy, two flight trip ended up being a diverted flight, an unexpected deplaning and reboarding, a delayed flight, etc.

Having many small activities was wise because it gave them options and a variety. But, in true toddler-fashion they entertained themselves with random things just as well.

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