Time to Be Still

I have to admit that I’m not upset about events and gatherings being cancelled over the course of the next month. News of each cancellation has brought some unexpected relief to my tired, weary soul.

It’s been a tough, busy, stressful month filled with lots of events, a lot of extra work, and a lot of emotions; it’s all been mostly good – but it’s been almost too much, and it’s hard for me to admit that.

I’ve found myself feeling stressed about taking the boys places by myself far more than usual. I’d rather just stay home than go out by myself with my toddlers these days. It’s just easier.

And now I’m getting that wish, though I wish it were under very different circumstances.

I recognize that part of my stress over the past month has been the result of fluctuating hormones due to our (failed) embryo transfer. Part of it is due to the twins being in a challenging phase and it simply being easier to stay home.

But part of it is also that I’ve been doing too much without allowing enough time for quiet reflection, time to recover from social interactions, time for me to just be still.

This is more than just a result of being an introvert. It’s recognizing and accepting that I have limitations and in this season of life, with toddler twins, I have to start saying no.

Just because something is good and worthy of my time doesn’t mean it’s meant to happen in this season.

I will happily do my part to help #FlattenTheCurve and help stop the spread of #COVID-19. And while I’m doing that, I am also going to take advantage of being home. It won’t be as quiet as I’d like for it to be, but I can still be intentional about how I spend this time.

So, I encourage you all to be intentional with the time we’ve been given while we’re encouraged to stay home. Don’t be afraid (God is in control of all of this, He was not surprised, and His Word tells us over and over again to not be afraid but to trust Him instead) but be careful and follow the instructions from local authorities.

Enjoy the permission you’ve been given to rest, maybe accomplish some projects you’ve been putting off, and let’s do our part to help flatten the curve.

5 thoughts on “Time to Be Still

  1. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with staying home when you have toddlers-pandemic or not. There will come a time when our kids will want to leave the house without us, so why not enjoy having them all to ourselves while we can?

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