One of the things I have (surprisingly) enjoyed the most about being stuck at home has been the need to be resourceful. Resourceful with food, activities, pretty much everything.

It’s certainly a challenge, as I’m accustomed to being able to go out and get whatever I need/want whenever I want to do it. Now that I need to not leave my house unless absolutely necessary, I’m finding myself tapping into the creative part of me to find solutions. I love problem solving, but when it comes to things that require being artistic or crafty I am insecure about my abilities. I’d rather spend money and/or let someone else do whatever the project may be so that it’s perfect rather than do it myself and feel like I failed. Yes, I’m an Enneagram 1.

Today a project became a necessity: we’re SO tired of the boys throwing toys (especially because they’ve now hurt each other AND us), so I started to look up ideas to help us. Of course, being a non-crafty person, I don’t have many of the “needed” supplies for most of the projects I found, but I found empty boxes, crayons and markers, and tape. These supplies would get the job done even if it wasn’t pretty.

When the boys wake up from their nap, we will attempt to teach them to throw purposefully and not just to throw, and we hope they will learn some colors in the process.

Instead of rushing to Amazon to get the supplies that would have made this perfect and Pinterest-worthy, I decided to let go of my need for perfection and instead meet a need in the most creative way possible. And I didn’t fail.

Being at home has been mostly wonderful, productive, and restful. But, it’s only been nine days for us. We have at least three weeks to go. I have a feeling that I will continue to be stretched and challenged along the way, and I’m looking forward to seeing how I’ve changed when this is all over.

How has all of this been stretching you? Are you having to be resourceful and creative? What positives are you seeing in being forced to stay home?

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