The Halfway Point

Unless things are extended, today marks the halfway point for Brennan’s time off.

Today is day thirty-nine. And we are only halfway.

At this point it’s becoming more challenging to remain motivated to accomplish tasks and projects. When we first made our list we thought we had thirty days in which to complete it, which created excitement as it would be a challenge, and we felt a sense of accomplishment for even starting such a list.

Once the thirty days extended to sixty, and then to seventy-eight, it began to feel less exciting and we stopped trying to do one project per day as we had been doing. It may also be because we had done all of the “fun” and “easy” projects on the list. 🙂

So, today we are reevaluating and revamping the project list. We both agree that we need to have something to break up the monotony of practically never leaving the house, but we’re going to approach it a little differently. Don’t ask me what that approach looks like because we don’t know yet, but we know that we have to change things up for the next thirty-nine days.

When all of this is over and life returns to (even somewhat) normal, I hope that I never take things like going out whenever I feel like it for granted again.

Today is also Isaiah and Caleb’s SECOND birthday!

We had planned to spend it at the Crayola Factory, but it soon became apparent that our plans had to change. We wrapped a few gifts for them to open today (one from us, three from friends), and when the rest arrive next week it will be birthday part two. I’m so thankful that they don’t yet understand what a birthday is, when it is, or how it’s supposed to be spent. That took any pressure off of us.

I made them a cake (thanks to friends who sent Funfetti cake mix since I wasn’t able to find it) with homemade buttercream frosting. We gave it to them after lunch to ensure that any sugar rush would subside before bedtime.

It truly was a fun day and I know the boys enjoyed every moment.

Someday we will tell them about their second birthday: the one where Mama ran out of wrapping paper and had to use Christmas paper; when we couldn’t find Funfetti cake mix so friends from Harrisburg and New Mexico saved the day; the one where Mama forgot to buy ribbon to tie the balloons with so they floated on the ceiling all day (which meant that they wanted us to retrieve them all day).

Most importantly, though, we will tell them about how special it was to us that you turned TWO because their sister (and so many Krabbe babies) never got that chance. The second birthday is so precious in the Krabbe world, as are any that follow, because you just never know how many you will spend with your child.

It is because of this that, even though we still have thirty-nine days left at home, we celebrate with great joy.

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