Why We’re Excited About Our Electric Bill

I love saving money, and I love helping others save money. I’m not the type who brags about how expensive something is – rather, I brag about the deals I found!

That’s why I just have to write about how our solar panels are working out for us.

I was skeptical, as I am about everything, when our friend, Kim, came over last summer to discuss solar with us. It seemed too good to be true: zero down, low monthly lease payment, producing more energy than we used. But, after hearing from Kim’s own personal experience with her solar panels it seemed rational and reasonable; so, we took the plunge and in September our panels were installed.

In March we started to see our production rise as the days grew longer.

Today we received our electric bill for April:

Our electric bill – showing $16.42 due for April, and 214 kWh banked!


Graph showing: what we produced (green), what we used (orange), the net result (blue).
Graph showing the difference in electricity purchased in 2019 vs. 2020

I posted the above data because I know people need to see how things like this impact real people. I get it – I need to see it, too.

Here are the details for our solar experience:

  • We pay $86 per month (amount varies based on the number of panels, I believe) to lease our panels (you can also buy them outright if you’re in that position). It’s a 25 year lease (but the panels will work for 10-15 years after that).
  • Our average electric bill prior to going solar was $139 per month (that was our budget billing amount from PPL).
  • By producing more than we make and banking energy, the net result will be the panels almost paying for themselves because we will receive a check from PPL for any energy we produce and don’t use.
Our solar panels!

It’s so worth the switch. We highly recommend our friend, Kim, if you’re interested! You can get in touch with her on her Facebook page: Sunny Disposition Solar. This month they’re offering a $750 sign-on bonus!

Please let us know if you have any questions! We’d be happy to answer them and help you save money!

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