Day 75

Today marks seventy-five days since Brennan last went to work.

As of now, he’s expecting to return to work at the end of June, which means that we will likely surpass one hundred days at home.

One hundred days.

Thankfully, this hasn’t been all that bad for us, but we know that isn’t the case for many, and we don’t take that for granted. We haven’t struggled to receive unemployment, we haven’t struggled to get along. It’s actually been a great time of family togetherness, and it has allowed Brennan to know the boys even better. So, for this time we are grateful.

Despite the disappointments and cancellations, despite being stuck inside our home, we’ve found great joy in this precious time together.

Yesterday our county moved into the “yellow” phase, which honestly doesn’t change a whole lot but it does mean that stores are beginning to reopen and restaurants will be able to do outdoor seating. We’re hoping that our county can go “green” – which would mean that both of our places of employment would be able to reopen – in two weeks, but only time will tell.

Today is also significant for us because today begins the process of making our house into one house. Today our tenants are moving out and starting their new adventure, and tomorrow we plan to take out the wall that separates our floor from the staircase so that we can begin our move upstairs.

We’ve waited for this day for over three years. We made it work in less than 700 sq. ft and could continue to do so if needed, but it’s time to start living the life we had imagined. It’s time to enjoy our beautiful home to its fullest.

The next 30 days will bring lots of work, progress, and fun. We will now have to figure out how to function in a two-story home (something I’ve actually never done) with toddlers and I’m so thankful that we have this extra month with Brennan home to figure all of that out.

We will post pictures of the progress – I’m so excited about the transformation that is about to take place!

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