Signed by Governor Wolf

In September, I was told it was “improbable but not impossible” to see SB983 progress because of our many delays (and a global pandemic). I took that as a challenge.

One month and twenty-eight days later, SB983 passed the Pennsylvania House of Representatives unanimously and was sent to the governor.

And today, SB983 was signed into law and got a new name: Act 133 of 2020.

November 25th is my grandmother’s birthday (86 today!), my aunt’s birthday, the day my great-grandmother went to Heaven, and now the day that (possibly) my life’s greatest accomplishment was made law.

Only 132 bills (out of hundreds introduced this session) were signed into law ahead of this one, and I don’t take that for granted. God clearly brought this to fruition! And I love that this was signed on Thanksgiving Eve, giving us one more thing to celebrate. And in 180 days we can celebrate again knowing that babies are being protected!

Thank you, Governor Wolf, for protecting newborns for generations to come!

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