Assumptions and Where I Actually Stand

(This is an expanded version of a Facebook status I posted earlier today because I keep thinking of things I should have said, and I felt it was worthy of a post.)

I have remained mostly quiet about my stance on the events over the past year and it has been amusing to hear the assumptions and accusations (especially when it’s from my Facebook meme collection). I’m tired of being quiet out of fear of what others might say, so here we go.

Before I begin, I want to make it known that I am the same objective, rational, truth-loving person that I have always been. As a political science/history degree holder, I also value the Constitution, history, and context. Truth matters to me more than being right. Thus, this past year has been maddening to me and I’ve had to refrain from commenting and “fact-checking” everything incorrect that I’ve seen posted. However, when it comes to personal attacks, I’m no longer going to be silent. No one has the right to disrespect someone because they believe differently.

  • I’ve been called liberal and left-leaning because I do not support Trump (I’m a #NeverTrumper, by the way). In fact, I haven’t moved, but what it means to be right-wing certainly has, which makes me appear to be moderate or liberal. My political beliefs are largely the same, though I’ve written many times now about the dangers of partisanship and how my view on that has changed drastically. after I had to fight both parties to get my Newborn Screening legislation signed into law. Also, not supporting Trump does not equal hate for him. I’ve been accused of that, too.
  • I was told by a friend that a vote for Biden was a vote to hurt her children. I’m not making this up. The level of misinformation and the suspension of reality lately has been staggering. By the way, I didn’t vote for him, either, even though it was a relief to see that he won.
  • I do not believe being “liberal” is a bad thing, nor do I believe that all liberals are evil. **Gasp** Some of my dearest friends consider themselves to be liberal and I have learned so much from them. In fact, I think their approaches to some things have merit and could work better than my previously-held ideas. I value diversity of thought and believe that it’s crucial in any society. I believe we must respectfully dialogue and work together! Also, I absolutely do not believe that every (or even most!) Democrat is evil and out to kidnap my children (as Q followers believe). Everyone has a different perspective that is a result of their life experiences and they choose their party affiliation from those experiences. That doesn’t make them evil just because they see things differently.
  • I’ve had my intelligence called into question because I support the experts and believe that mask-wearing is a compassionate and scientifically-proven thing to do to protect others (like Tori, who COVID would have killed even sooner than Krabbe did). Have you stopped to consider that you not wearing a mask could infect someone who then could infect someone who is vulnerable? It’s time to put other people first, especially because it’s been proven time and time again that masks make a difference.
  • I absolutely do not believe in mass election fraud, QAnon, or any other Putin-like conspiracy propaganda. Period. Yes, I’ve “researched” all of this (and now hate that term because of its use by Q) as I do ALL things. I’m a natural skeptic so I double-check everything. I use varied sources. I firmly believe that these things are what is destroying our country and dividing us. And QAnon is a cult. Period.
  • I believe that the right-wing propaganda against main-stream media sources is also extremely dangerous. By only listening to their own sources in an echo chamber, people are creating a world for themselves in which the only truth is their own. If they truly are wrong, which I believe that they are, there’s no way they will ever accept that truth because their sources will tell them otherwise. If, in the future, I am proven to be wrong, I will happily admit it and change my stance because truth is of utmost importance to me, not being right. It is vital that we stop discrediting sources just because we do not agree with them.
    • Truly, do people not see the harm that has been done by the Putin-like propaganda stating that no media (or, really, anyone) can be trusted except for these obscure, unproven sources, and President Trump? The damage is extreme. There are so many who now only believe these sources, which means that they can never get out of the spiral of conspiracy theories because their sources will never tell them that they are wrong. This is dangerous beyond belief.
  • The claims that Biden is going to amend the entire Constitution (ever read it? Know how difficult that is?), that Harris will become president right away, that we will become socialist, etc. are BASELESS. I am actually looking forward to seeing what they will do, especially given that Congress is really going to have to work together now to accomplish anything, if they choose to do so. This brings me hope.
  • Freedom of Speech doesn’t mean what you think it means. There are still consequences for what you say. Look it up.
  • What happened yesterday was proven to be egged on by Trump and was an act of sedition. I cannot believe we essentially witnessed a coup-attempt in the U.S. yesterday.

I am still the same Jesus-following, truth-loving, conservative/libertarian-leaning person that I’ve always been. However, Trump absolutely does not represent me and I believe that he has done irreparable damage both to the Republican party, to which I have belonged my entire life, and to our country. He cannot be gone soon enough. The Evangelical embrace of Trump also sickens me as they have made him into an idol and have ruined their witness to an entire generation.

I have lost friends this year who I have watched turn into fearful, conspiracy-following people and it has been heart-breaking. I was told by one friend in particular that we can only talk about things that don’t matter since I see things differently. I have had to accept that there is nothing that I can do to bring them back. In fact, because they only listen to their own sources, nothing can bring them back that I can see. I feel powerless, and I have even questioned if what I believe is right since so many in my life believe otherwise.

Ultimately, I am hoping and praying that the Biden administration can help to restore some dignity and common sense, as well as critical thinking skills, to our society. Until then, I will continue to be the same person that I have always been, and will pray for the citizens of this country more than ever before.

9 thoughts on “Assumptions and Where I Actually Stand

  1. Lesa,

    Just wanted to say that I agree with some of what you posted here and disagree with other things you said. And I’m good with that and I still respect you. I’m not sure how we as a country got to the place where we can no longer have civilized discussions about differences of opinion, but it is truly disheartening. It saddens me that even those in the Church seem to think it’s ok to speak hatefully to, or about, others within the “security” of a social media post just because they disagree with them. I’m definitely with you in praying for our country. Lord, please send a revival!


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  2. After graduating from Azusa Pacific U. (my daughter was there at the same time as you), and reading through all of your bags about Tori, I would have thought for sure that you were pro life, that you valued our Constitution and hated the thought of America becoming a Socialist, Communist country. But I guessed wrong. If you are happy that Biden won, I have no interest in reading any of your blogs in the future. Do you not believe in 1. one man one woman marriage. 2. sanctity of life (the life of the unborn) and 3. religious freedom? You don’t get it obviously; your eyes are blinded. I am unsubscribing to your posts. I have friends who are liberal; we don’t discuss politics, but as a Christian, I do not understand how you think like you do.


    1. But also, with all due respect, Biden being president does not mean that we are going to become a socialist or communist country. My education at APU has helped me to see that.


  3. I always look forward to any new presidency with optimism because that is our duty as citizens. We are to support the president until proven otherwise. That is how I choose, as a political science major and historian, to treat the presidency.


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