Maybe there’s little to fear…

I have found myself so much more at peace since discovering this truth:

The other party isn’t my enemy, isn’t out to destroy our country, and isn’t evil.

It’s so much easier to call the other side names and make assumptions than it is to listen to understand (not to argue) and consider their perspective.

It’s more satisfying to continue to hold your ground rather than admit that they have good ideas.

It’s more interesting to live in a constant state of embattlement, pretending that the other party is out to hurt you than it is to take the time to see what they are really about and what they really want.

But it’s more peaceful to humbly learn and seek to understand differing perspectives.

Don’t you see? We’ve been taught (indoctrinated) to live in a constant state of (fake) battle, to choose sides and refuse to compromise.

THIS is what is destroying our country, not the other party, whichever party that is for you.

Fear sells. Fear makes money. Fear unifies. Fear keeps you engaged. Fear wins elections. Pundits thrive on (and become rich by) instilling unfounded fear within you. It’s an effective tactic, but it has to change. They are making you unnecessarily afraid and then making money off of that.

In your fear of being controlled, you’ve actually allowed yourself to be controlled by fear.

Maybe it’s time to consider that there’s really little to fear. That maybe we’re wrong about things. That the other party loves our country as much as we do.

Perhaps it’s time to actually talk to someone from the other party and find common ground, of which there is plenty. Surround yourself with people who don’t think exactly like you, learn to dialogue and not just argue, and see what a difference this can make.

I know some of you are feeling defensive right now, maybe even brushing off what I’ve said, but I promise you that this is true. I’ve lived it. And my life is so much better because I’ve learned to listen to understand, not to argue.

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