Branding Session with Perigee Photo Co.

My final project for my first grad school class (Strategic Branding) is a personal branding portfolio and I’ve been building that right here on my website. I realized that one of the things I was lacking was photos of me doing advocacy (which is primarily done in my home, at my computer these days). So, I contacted our talented cousin, Sarah Benner, and asked her to come do a “branding session” for me and I couldn’t be happier!

Sarah is highly skilled at capturing who people really are and this session stayed true to that. I specifically asked her to photograph me with the boys running around me, crawling on me, etc. because THAT is real life around here. They love to join me on Zoom meetings, sit on the windowsill, crawl under the desk. And that’s okay (most of the time) because my most important role is being their mother, and during this season of life that means having them around when I’m trying to accomplish things.

I’m so glad that we chose to invest in a branding session for me – not just for this project, but for my use professionally as I continue to “brand” myself in the Newborn Screening space and in general. And, I love that our final project was practical, useful, and beneficial instead of branding a pretend company or something like that.

All photos below are from Perigee Photo Co. – they do weddings, branding sessions, and more and everything is done with such excellence! It was difficult to choose just a few to showcase here, but you will begin to see the rest very soon.

By the way, Sarah is also the one who photographed Tori in my wedding dress six years ago.

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