A Small Update…

Tori didn’t eat very much today, so I called the pediatrician around 2:30pm to ask what we should do. Given the concerns about her head, he advised us to go to the ER at Hershey Medical Center and to press them to do an MRI.


So we headed out as soon as Brennan got home. We arrived around 3:15pm.


The nurses and doctors were impressed with how much information I was able to give them and said that many times parents aren’t able to recount things. That surprised me because it is my job as her mother to be attentive and I assumed that all parents would notice changes in their child’s health.IMG_7212

Once we got a room we waited for a bit until two different doctors came in to see her. After hearing her medical history and reviewing what Tori’s pediatrician sent over, they advised a CT scan. She did not have to be sedated for that as she would be for an MRI. It took less than 5 minutes total and she did well.



Then we waited. And waited. And waited. Thankfully we were in our own room and could relax.



A very sweet friend from Texas noticed that I had commented about bringing a charger for my phone but not enough snacks and she had a pizza delivered to us. We were so thankful for that! We were so hungry…

Around 7pm, the doctor came back in and told us that the scan had been read, and that while there was no fluid on the brain, there were brain abnormalities. She said that the neurologist would be able to tell us more on Tuesday, but that she couldn’t really provide any additional insight.

Brain abnormalities.

Tears started streaming down my face as my mind raced to try to figure out what that could mean. Will she be disabled? Is she going to live? Is it nothing to worry about? You always know it could be bad when they don’t say “it will be fine!”

Brennan and I say in silence and cried for a long time. Then we prayed and cried some more. We held Tori tightly and watched her sleep.

We wanted answers, but this vagueness is wreaking havoc on our hearts.

We are home now and trying to distract ourselves. My mom is flying in on Sunday morning. We ate ice cream and are watching The Office. Oh, and I worked on our taxes. Distractions.


I called the neurologist on the way home and left a message, telling them that we had a CT scan and what it said. I asked them to try to see us on Monday.

Now that we have grieved the unknown future, we are trusting the God who knows all…the God who loves Tori and created her and has great plans for her.

We are so overwhelmed by the love and support we are receiving from friends around the world. Over 1,200 people read my previous post…absolutely amazing. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts. ❤️

Please pray for Tori. Pray that this is something simple and easily fixed. The thought that our baby might never be the same again is heartbreaking.


We will keep you posted.


18 thoughts on “A Small Update…

  1. Aww…so sorry for your pain! God is good and hears our prayers. There is no pit so deep, that God isn’t deeper still! Hugs and prayers for healing for precious Tori!


  2. Courtney Zeppuhar, my daughter, told me about your baby. I am a Nurse, but I was a Critical Care Nurse for adults. I can empathize with you all as I had four children of my own. My husband Larry and I will pray for you sweet people and that precious baby. Remember God is in charge, no matter what the journey. Will also pray for the doctors to be guided by our Heavenly Father.


  3. Wow Lesa, I am so sorry to hear this, but our God is a big God and will equip you all to go through whatever He has in store for you. You are not, nor will you ever, be alone in this. He loves you all very deeply.


  4. Lean heavily on the One who made her and who loves her more than you can possibly imagine. He will carry you all through this rough road.


  5. Prayers for Tori, your husband and you! Trust your unknown future to your known God!

    Romans 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to [his] purpose.

    God has a plan and purpose for everything!

    My thoughts and prayers are with you!


  6. Even though I don’t know you I will be praying for your beautiful baby girl and for you and your husband. May God Bless her and your family.


  7. We also don’t know each other but i am praying for your baby. I used to work at Hershey Med with the pediatric Neurologists. If you are seeing a Dr. Kanev you are in good hands. But of course they are all great doctors.


  8. May God bless you all during this difficult time, how lucky of Tori to have such strong and loving parents! Thinking of you and praying hard in Enola PA


  9. I am so incredibly happy to read this. It might sound odd, but I was praying that somehow you’d get directed to the ER at Hershey after reading your order post. I know from experience that would be a way to get the scans done earlier.

    I pray for good results for your sweet baby’s health. I highly recommend the book “Joy in the Morning” by Amy Kuncaitis. It is about waiting on God through your child’s illness.

    Many prayers headed your way.


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