Eighteen Months


Monthly Photos of Tori2.jpg
Just a FEW of our favorite photos of Tori from the past eighteen months ❤
Today marks Tori’s eighteen month “birthday” and it is quite a milestone in the world of Krabbe.

One year ago she was six months old; today she is only six months from her life expectancy.

One year ago today, as we sat in the emergency room, we wrote this post in an effort to recap for ourselves what had happened over the past month. We were desperately trying to put the pieces together in hopes that a solution would appear.

We wrote this post after her CT scan that evening showed brain abnormalities and we were left to wonder if our baby was going to live.

Two weeks later we received our answer.

The past year has been a whirlwind and a nightmare in many ways, and yet, it has also been a wonderful, purposeful, deliberate year filled with cherished moments and abundant memories.

Today we celebrate the fact that Tori is doing well, and we pray that she will exceed her life expectancy of 24 months. ❤️ We are so thankful for every moment the Lord allows us to have her with us.

6 thoughts on “Eighteen Months

  1. SO thankful that you have been so willing to share your journey with us. I hope and pray that the Lord gives you an abundance of time with Tori here on earth. My family prays for her at least once a day– Such a tiny person has made such an enormous impact on us! xo


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