My Heart’s Desire for Tori

Thoughts that cross my mind almost daily…and prayers that I pray moment by moment.

Thank you, Jesus, for the beautiful gift you have given us in Victoria.

Lord, I want to watch her learn to crawl, walk, and talk. I want to watch her learn to enjoy food and how to cook. I want to see her learn how to ride a bike, learn to read, learn everything. I want to nurture her innate talents and gifts and help her discover her passions.

I want to teach her to love music, to teach her to sing and play instruments, and to worship through music. I want her abilities to surpass my own.

I want to see her grow up and become a beautiful young woman. She is so beautiful now – I want to watch her become gorgeous both inside and out.

I want her to become a teenager and all that comes with that. Attitudes, independence, makeup, sleepovers, boys that Brennan will chase away. After all, she isn’t allowed to date until she’s thirty 😉

I want her to see what an amazing, godly, wonderful man her father is and to choose a husband just like him.

I want her to graduate from high school and pursue her dreams – whatever those may be.

I want to teach her to love to travel and explore. To love other cultures and learn from them. To use a camera to capture images that have impact.

Most importantly, I want to see her use her miraculous healing as a powerful testimony to bring the kingdom of God to those who do not yet know You. I want to see her grow in wisdom and grace as she follows You, Lord. 

Oh Lord, we continue to plead with you for a miracle, for a complete restoration of our beloved daughter’s brain and body. You have set the stage perfectly for something magnificent to happen and for thousands of lives to be impacted through the healing of our Tori. Her (many) doctors would be astounded to see her suddenly able to eat normally, to talk and smile again, and to develop as a seven month old should.

Please heal her, Lord Jesus. Allow her to experience all this life has to offer. Allow her to testify of your mighty power for many decades here on earth. 

Please, Lord, allow us to not just be parents, but to be HER parents. To raise her and love her for the rest of our lives. We know that You alone can restore life to her brain and heal her body, and we ask you for this miracle.

11 thoughts on “My Heart’s Desire for Tori

  1. Lord, hear Lesa’s prayer for her daughter, Tori. You are the only one that can heal her and we ask that this miracle would happen. In your name we pray, Amen.


  2. He can do it! We continue to pray for a mighty miracle for Tori, and for peace in the hearts of her family. And if God chooses a healing miracle for her, what a testimony she will be to His power and love! And if He does not, she is still a testimony to His power and love! God is sovereign, and Tori was not an accident or a mistake, but part of His loving plan. Praise His name!


  3. Wow that was so powerful. Praying for a miracle, that through him anything is possible. Tori is so beautiful and just by seeing her pictures daily she is so easy to fall in love with. How lucky she is to have great parents and how lucky you both are for such a beautiful being


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