Praying for Tori on #ToriThursday

I wrote out the points I wanted to remember to pray about and decided to share it here as well in case others needed or wanted ideas for how to specifically pray for Tori and our situation. We cannot thank you enough for continuing to pray for Victoria!

Lord, you alone are sovereign and omniscient; only you know what the future holds for our precious baby and only you have the power to change it.

Jesus – please hear our prayers today as we humbly come before you, fasting and praying for Victoria. We pray all of these things in addition to our past prayers for this situation (here and here). We so desperately want her to be victorious! If you were to heal her there would be NO doubt that it was YOU since the medical community has given her no hope and your name would be glorified around the world!

Oh Jesus, that is our cry…complete healing! She is such a joy and a gift and we asked for her for two long years…please bring her back to us. Please allow us to be her parents for the rest of our lives, to raise her and to love her. Restore her to full health and completely empty her body of Krabbe. We know that you absolutely can do this!

Jesus, these hands were once so full of life and energy; they were used to explore the world and touch things. Now she can barely move them and it breaks our hearts.

Jesus, please restore the function of her hands! Heal whatever is damaged in her nervous system…remove her pain and discomfort. Allow us to teach her to write, play piano, maybe even hockey. Allow her to have a chance to experience an abundant life here on earth with us.

Lord, your word tells us that you know every hair on her head; she is your beautiful creation!

Lord, please heal her brain; restore the damaged myelin; allow her to grow normally and develop as an eight month old should! We ask you to completely heal her brain and remove Krabbe from her body completely!

Lord, the testimony she would have of your power and love as demonstrated through her healing would change the world. It would change our families, friends, strangers. Us. That is why we pray, more than anything – for lives to be changed through Tori…for your presence and existence to be undeniable.

 Lord, these perfect little feet need to experience so much…to walk, to explore, to learn about the world around them. Jesus, please heal Tori and allow her to learn to crawl and walk. Allow her feet to be used to spread the Good News of your power, mercy, and love!

 Oh Jesus, these eyes. These gorgeous, bright, unique eyes that have brought so much joy to us and to so many others. I simply cannot bear the thought of not getting to look into them for the rest of my life! Jesus, please restore her vision so that she can enjoy the beauty of your creation! Allow her to see without any issues…restore that part of her brain so that her vision is no longer impaired!

These lips…lips that used to smile and form sounds…we haven’t seen her smile or heard her little voice in three months and it is heartbreaking.

Jesus, allow Tori to smile, babble and coo again! We miss her smile and her voice so much! She no longer has the ability to talk to us except through crying. Please restore her precious voice…use her to teach others about your goodness, love, and redemption. Allow her to sing praises to you one day! 

For Brennan and me…Please guide us and continue to give us peace no matter what your plan for Tori may be. Please correct the mutated gene in our DNA so that we can have more biological children. We long to do your will and to honor you with our choices and our lives, no matter what that might mean. But we also boldly pray that you would heal us, as well. Stop Krabbe from having any chance of occurring in our families!

More than anything, Lord, we want you to use this for YOUR Kingdom. We know that your plans are perfect and that you are good, even when we don’t understand from our earthly perspective. May your will be done here on earth as it is in heaven – no pain, no sorrow, no illness. May your kingdom come now, Lord Jesus.

We ask all of this in Jesus’ powerful name, amen.

8 thoughts on “Praying for Tori on #ToriThursday

  1. Your prayer was helpful since I don’t know anything about this disease. I’ve been following Tori’s journey and praying. I see your posts because I am friends with the Benners. We are located in Alaska, so Tori has prayer support here as well.


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