Tori’s Bucket List Update

When we posted about the bucket list of experiences we had developed for Tori, we never expected the response that we received!

For us, it was merely a continuation of her story, of how we are trying to live life with her as fully as possible while we have her here.

So imagine our surprise when many people messaged us and generously offered to cover costs for specific experiences! We are so grateful! We will blog each experience and publicly thank those who made that experience possible.

So, here is the list organized differently than before:

Planned/Scheduled Experiences:

  • Catch fireflies (July)
  • Have a picnic at Lake Tobias (July 30)
  • Feed Giraffes (August in Pittsburgh)
  • Harrisburg Senators Game (August)
  • Kayak in the creek (August)
  • Butterflies at Hershey Gardens
  • Boardwalk at Hersheypark – Lazy River
  • Feed ducks at Hersheypark
  • Baltimore Aquarium (September)
  • Disney World (September)
  • Grand Canyon (October)
  • Disneyland (October)
  • See mommy’s college -APU (October)

Still in progress:

  • Beach/sand castle (September)
  • Hershey Bears Game (fall)
  • See daddy’s college (PSU)
  • Penn State game (September)
  • Pride of the Susquehanna
  • Statue of Liberty/Staten Island Ferry
  • Philadelphia Flyers game
  • Go to as many states as possible (PA, CA, MD, NY so far)
  • Fishing
  • Finger paint something for mommy and daddy
  • Daddy/Daughter Date (with mommy there to help/photograph)
  • Pumpkin Patch
  • Cut our own Christmas Tree


(Some of the “in progress” items have been offered but not scheduled yet.)

You may have noticed Disney World and Disneyland on the list…we are still working out the details, but a foundation (more details later) has offered to send us to Disney World in September! AND, a Disneyland employee invited us to be her guests for the day when we are in SoCal in October! We are blown away by both of these opportunities!

Our goal with the bucket list is to create as many stimulating experiences for Tori as we can, experiences that every child should experience.

We need to create memories as a family no matter what, but it is especially important given Tori’s situation. We want to give her an abundant life, no matter how long. Thank you to those who are making it possible!

6 thoughts on “Tori’s Bucket List Update

  1. Remember that Dan and I have a condo in Melbourne, FL. It is about 60-70 miles east of DisneyWorld. It is also 10 minutes from the beach. You are more than welcome to stay there anytime!


  2. Wish I could join you in Disney, Miss Tori. It’s on my bucket list too 😉 I still haven’t been there!


  3. I saw that you plan to feed the ducks at HersheyPark. Have you considered going somewhere like Childrens Lake in Boiling Springs to feed the ducks? It’s so much more peaceful! 🙂


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