Tori’s Bucket List: Build-A-Bear

For Tori’s birthday we decided to do something off of her bucket list: Build-A-Bear! We knew this would provide a stimulating experience for Tori because of all the colors, and it would create a visual reminder of her first birthday.

They didn’t have giraffes, but they had Minions, and since Tori loves yellow and Mommy and Daddy love Minions, it was perfect!


While we were making our selections, a woman and her children walked in and saw us. She asked if this was Tori, and when we said yes she got tears in her eyes. She has been following Tori and is friends with Gemma’s mom, too! We love when God does things like this!

Corinne wanted to buy Tori’s Minion as a present to her, so we wanted to thank her here for her generous gift! ❤️ Thank you for making Tori’s birthday extra special!

Our Minion family – Kevin, Stuart, Bob

6 thoughts on “Tori’s Bucket List: Build-A-Bear

  1. Blessings………Minions ! Who knew ! What a great day you all had ! So happy for you all……….😃


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