Holding on to Hope…

Tori will have another MRI in twenty days, a follow-up to the two done in February…

…the two that confirmed that her brain was damaged beyond repair by a then undiagnosed (but suspected) disease.

I remember that day so clearly – February 6, 2015. 10:45am.

My mom and I took Tori to her neurologist to review the MRI images and discuss the results. 

Brennan didn’t come because we didn’t realize just how significant that day would be in our lives – we thought it was going to be routine. Fixable.

Even to my untrained eyes, it was evident that something was severely wrong based on those images.

Brennan has still never seen the MRIs (not intentionally – just haven’t had a chance to have someone show them to us again). He says he doesn’t think he wants to see them.

Tori had another MRI done two weeks later in Pittsburgh by Dr. Escolar to ensure that her specific protocol was followed so that the disease could be fully seen, and we haven’t had a chance to see those images either – we were far too grieved during that first visit to even think about asking.

It has now been six months since the first MRI and next Friday will be six months post-diagnosis. 

When we travel to Pittsburgh at the end of the month, Dr. Escolar will perform another MRI to see what progression the disease has made.

This time we will ask to see them.

Shortly after Tori was diagnosed I had a thought that has been my prayer until now: that the next MRI would show unexplainable improvement. That Dr. E would be astonished, unsure of what she saw. 

That they would want to make sure it was Tori’s brain they had scanned.

We cling to hope but remain firmly rooted in reality, knowing that this could be God’s plan for her.

BUT…what if His plan is for her to be healed? For His power to be shown through her? 

What if He has world-changing plans for our little girl?

Please pray with us for unexplainable improvement twenty days from now (August 27). Pray for a miracle. 

We will hope until the end that God will heal her – we serve a God who works outside of time, so He is never late.

August 27th, 1:45pm. Please join us in prayer before and during the MRI. 

God can do this!

10 thoughts on “Holding on to Hope…

  1. I took care of Tori when she got her g tube in Hershey. Have been following your posts and praying for you guys! Will be agreeing with you for unexplainable improvement. And you are so right. God is never late.

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  2. We still believe in this house. Read the story of Jesus healing a sick little girl just the other day. I believe in healing and pray desperately for Tori to experience this on Earth.


  3. I know those feelings you’re having so well. We were so stunned and shocked and grieved. Nathan didn’t seem like there was that much wrong at the point of diagnosis, but the CT scan of his brain showed something very, very different. We were told he would not live to see his 2nd birthday. I started praying at that moment that they were totally wrong about that. We prayed for his healing for the first year or so, knowing that God could do it and would, if it was in his plan. At a certain point we understood Menkes Disease was God’s plan for him, and we relinquished our hope in a physical healing and accepted God’s answer. Not easily, mind you, but we did it because we understood God to be telling us this was His plan. But I still never stopped praying for long life…at least long enough for our daughter and any other children to know and remember him. God gave us 14 years!! And it wasn’t that he had a milder case than most. In fact, he was on the severe end of things, but God allowed us to keep him in our midst and grow in our faith and love and trust. That is my prayer for you all…whether God chooses to heal Tory physically on this earth or not, I know you will love her and enjoy every moment. And I’m still joining you in prayer for healing. But I’m also praying that He gives you YEARS, not moments. And that those years will be good ones for your little family. It can happen, despite the prognosis. We experienced it. ♥


  4. Victoria, we will continue to stand in YHVH’s Presence on your behalf. One of our all time favorite accounts in Scripture is in Luke 18, in which Yahshua describes a woman steadfastly approaching a tough judge who finally gave in to her request “lest her incessant pleadings weary him.” Then, our Messiah went on to state:
    “How much more more will YHVH avenge His very elect, who cry out to Him day and night. He will avenge them speedily. Nevertheless, will I find Faith on the earth when the Son of Man returns? And, yes: He will! We continue to ask, to seek, to knock on the Door of Salvation for you! Love and continual prayers, Craig and Karen


  5. I have Toris Triumph on fb and have been following her story just read some blogs and was curious did she have follow up MRI and if you have gotten any results. Praying for Tori and your family!!!


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