Tori’s Stander

Today was Tori’s final stander fitting and now we are set to use it!

You can read about the stander and its purpose here.

We waited less than three months to get it and would have had it sooner but it was sent to a medical equipment company in Philadelphia and had to be tracked down. 

Three months may sound like a long time but many families wait MUCH longer!

Tori slept through most of the fitting so we know she was comfortable! Her physical therapist and our favorite representative from the equipment company worked diligently to ensure that Tori was comfortable and properly supported into the correct posture.

We will start with having her stand less than an hour a day and build up to more time.

Plenty of new experiences await Miss Tori in her new stander! ❤️


2 thoughts on “Tori’s Stander

  1. Tori looks beautiful in her new “stander” ! You have given her such a wonderful gift……she will have a view of life around her from a different perspective……God Bless You all !


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