So many lessons…

Life has been crazy lately, and I don’t mean crazy as in busy…I have been confronted with so many issues, so many things to deal with in my own life, and it is taking time to deal with them all. And that’s okay! I know that God is working with me, not against me, and that He has a purpose for these struggles and these lessons. I also feel as if I may be at a point in my life where two paths are emerging, and that it is up to me to choose the path…sometimes I believe God does this, where He gives you two equally good choices, and you can choose which one. This is one of those times.

Yesterday was an incredible day…even though I received my first speeding ticket…sad! But I deserved it, and I will pay the fine when it comes. Thankfully, by doing online traffic school, the ticket won’t appear on my record, which is good.

But yeah, yesterday was a great day. It took me 9 hours (of driving) to get back to APU because of holiday traffic…but I had some great worship time, great prayer time…I was able to talk to some of my close friends, and it was just wonderful.

I was reunited with a friend (that I have mentioned before) over breakfast, which was so needed. Just talking with him, listening to him made me realize that I’ve missed his friendship over the past three years, and he realized the same thing. We are going to slowly build a friendship again, but who knows what depth it will have this time. I am trusting the Lord with this one, and I’m not going to worry about it.

I had lunch with Duane–I cooked my “creation”, which I have named “ciotola di pasta”–and once again I was reminded of how blessed I truly am to be friends with this godly man. I was able to see his trunk (he is in the Air Force), where he has every letter I sent to him while he was in the Middle East (I cannot believe he has them ALL!), as well as his souveniers from his excursion.

There is a possibility that I may be an intern at his church next summer, to assist with the incredible youth ministry things that are happening there. Our association (for those who are not familiar with Southern Baptist Convention terminology, each state has a “Convention”, which is composed of “Associations”, which are usually the churches in two counties, and those churches work together to minister more effectively…I think that explains it)has youth who are SO on fire for the Lord and for becoming a “disciple”, that right now is the time for people to jump onboard and minister with them. I can’t wait to see what the Lord does!

Anyway, so yesterday was a great drive…I am back until Friday morning, when I will drive only 270 miles this time, up to Yosemite National Park for 5 days to be with my family (our 40 something reunion…I can’t remember now how many we’ve had). Good ole Los Angeles.

Later I’ll post the devotional I did with my cabin girls last Friday morning…it is a lesson I am learning more each day.

“How great is the love the father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are!” –I John 3:1

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