Finish Year Update: February (updated)

We are doing really well with the reading books goal! Overall, we’re making progress in small steps–which is exactly what we’re supposed to be doing. It’s Finish YEAR, not Finish Month.

Life update: We were assigned a permanent placement at the Milton Hershey School, so we will be working (soon) every other weekend with middle-school boys! SO excited for this experience! The added benefit of doing this will be the extra income, which we plan to put entirely onto our debt, which will really speed up the process of being debt-free! Double blessing!

Here’s our Finish Year update:

Brennan and Lesa:

* Finish one book a month (minimum)

Brennan:  Finished “December 1941: 31 Days that Changed America and Saved the World” and “I Am Second”

Lesa: Finished “Bad Girls of the Bible“, “The Great Divorce“, “Untamed“, “Gazelles, Baby Steps, and 37 other things Dave Ramsey Taught Me About Debt“, and “My Imaginary Jesus“…

* Finish funding emergency fund ($1,000)
Open new savings account specifically for the emergency fund

* Finish paying off credit cards by December 2012

We have paid of 61% of our credit card debt! Because we owe a significant amount in taxes this year, we’ve had to save up to pay those which has slowed down our credit card payments, unfortunately. However, we’re almost ready to pay our taxes in full, so then we’ll get back to working hard at this goal!

* Finish using all Groupons/gift certificates
make a list and schedule on calendar as “date nights”

We had a date night out using a Groupon two weeks ago–SO nice! Looking forward to more date nights…

* Finish protecting important documents by purchasing a “fire safe”


Thanks to our generous friends, we will have one in a month!


* Finish losing 30 pounds and keep it off permanently

No comment… 🙂 We’ve been going to the gym consistently, at least!

* Finish organizing clothes in bedroom (i.e. figure out solution with tiny closet) and keep them organized
Not doing so well on the keeping things organized part…

* Finish YouVersion Bible reading plan

* Send 60 thank you notes this year (average of 5 per month); finish sending wedding thank you notes (30 left…terrible, I know!)

I sent 7 during the month of January…5 in February…

* Finish purchasing “secret sister” gifts so that I am always prepared

* Finish organizing attic and put everything in plastic containers for protection from mice/temperatures

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