Book Review: Knowing God by Name by David Wilkerson

Knowing someone’s name doesn’t tell you anything about who they are inside; rather, you have to get to know them to discover their character and personality. The same applies to God – we have to know Him in order to know who He is and what He is like.

Knowing God by Name: Names of God That Bring Hope and Healing provides commentary on many of the Hebrew names of God that are seen throughout the Bible – names that describe His character and reveal part of who He is in ways that we can understand. These names were shown in action, not just in words:

He did not try to reveal Himself by announcing to Abraham or Moses: “The following names describe my nature…Now go and learn these and discover who I am.” These Hebrew expressions do describe the wondrous glories and provisions that are wrapped up in our Lord’s character, but God revealed these aspects of His nature by actually doing for His people what He proclaimed Himself to be. Time and again He saw His children’s need, foresaw the enemy’s strategy against them and intervened supernaturally on their behalf (p. 10).

I was familiar with many of the names mentioned in this book, but there were many that I had never heard before! I really liked the way that the author set up each chapter, starting with the story in the Bible where the name is most found and ending with how this particular name can provide hope in our lives. My only dislike was the author’s use of the King James Version whenever he quoted Scripture, but that is my personal preference.

Read this book and discover for yourself more about the Lord’s character as He reveals it throughout His Word.

I received a copy of this book from Bethany House in exchange for my honest review.

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