Exploring Red Bluff

It’s amazing how you can take your hometown for granted, how you can completely miss the beauty of where you live simply because you see it all the time.

When I lived here I didn’t always appreciate the subtle things that make our area beautiful. The huge mountains are obvious and I love those, but there are so many things I appreciate now more with each visit.

One thing I love about Red Bluff is the abundance of oak trees. I went out today in search of a single oak tree in a field to photograph. I drove around for two hours and never found exactly what I was hoping to find, but I found some beautiful areas in the meantime. Here are some photos from my phone and my camera.

Continually look for the beauty all around you. God’s creation is diverse and amazing – there’s always beauty to be found.


One thought on “Exploring Red Bluff

  1. Lesa, we just returned 2 days ago from Felton/San Francisco, by car, here to central Pa after visiting several days with our daughter and husband and newborn baby son in the Bay area, and we were thinking of you, Brennan and Victoria and your parents so much, especially as we saw the sign on 80 for “Redding”! It is truly a small world, after all, but so big and so full of the grandeur of our Father Who continually watches over His servant, Victoria, in His big House. We will see Them both, soon. We love you and pray for you often. Thank you again for sharing so poignantly, spiritually, emotionally, timely, and intimately with all of us.


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