Book Review: Miriam’s Song

I love books that help bring a human element to the often matter-of-fact style of Old Testament writing. It’s so easy to read the words and forget that these people had feelings and emotions as the events unfolded.

Miriam’s Song does an excellent job of telling the story of Moses through the eyes and life of his sister, Miriam. For those familiar with the story of the Exodus, this work of historical fiction will bring the story to life in a new way and help you connect with the people.

It made me consider things I’d never thought of before, such as what Miriam may have observed – and felt – while in Egypt, especially when the horrific acts toward the Israelites began. I so appreciated the author’s skill in making the reader feel so deeply what the characters were experiencing and became emotional, myself, a couple of times, as I imagined what it would have been like to feel so trapped, so grief-stricken, so helpless.

Overall, I was left reminded of God’s sovereignty and holiness, and how He directs our lives even when we can’t see what is happening.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and know you will, too! You can find it here.

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