Our First “Crated With Love” Date Night

Brennan and I have struggled to have regular date nights, especially during a global pandemic. We believe that it’s so important to keep dating, so when I saw an ad for Crated With Love I knew we HAD to try it.

Our first box arrived recently and we decided to try it out last night, on our tenth anniversary, since going out was not really an option.

We LOVED it!

This box included several games all revolving around middle school (and, fittingly, it uses things from the mid-1990s) and not only challenged our knowledge of things we learned and experienced in middle school, but also our knowledge of each other. There was a lot of laughter and fun as we talked about our middle-school memories.

Crated with Love clearly puts so much thought and care into their date night boxes. The games encouraged meaningful conversation and we both learned things about each other (yes, there are still things we don’t know even after ten years of marriage!). It was truly the perfect way to spend an anniversary.

If you’re looking for ways to have meaningful date nights at home, we highly recommend these boxes! Don’t let the price scare you – if you went out to dinner you’d definitely spend more than the cost of this box, and some of these games can be played again.

Keep dating each other – even if you don’t have a babysitter, there’s a global pandemic happening, or whatever valid excuse may come up. It’s worth it.

(Full disclosure – this is my affiliate link; buying a box through this link will help us earn credit toward more date night boxes! https://cratedwithlove.com/?referral=lesa.brackbill)

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