Book Review: “Angels in the Fire”

Angels in the Fire is a MUST read. I read this book within two days because I couldn’t put it down. If you love true stories of God’s amazing power, read this today!

This is the story of Dann and Tracey Stadler, a couple whose lives were changed dramatically after being hit head on by a drunk driver on a Florida freeway. God truly performed miracles that day and there were multiple witnesses who saw them occur!

This is the story of their accident, recovery, eventual forgiveness of the driver, and their own changed lives; it is absolutely riveting and is a great reminder that God is still in the business of divine intervention today. It’s also a great example of how our faith can be strengthened so greatly through terrible circumstances. God uses everything for our good, even when unexpected tragedy strikes.

I recommend this book for anyone – Christian or not, young or old. It reminded me that God can still choose to do miracles today, even in the United States.

I received a copy of this book from Bethany House in exchange for my honest review.



One thought on “Book Review: “Angels in the Fire”

  1. I was awakened from sleep in October 2008. The angel said “Knock Knock” — woke me up from a sound sleep! My brother sometimes wakes me up before going to work with “Knock Knock” and it sounded like Rick! It was not! My room was dark, but my door — which I always close at night — it was open. I saw a man standing in the doorway! I would not have been able to see him, but the light in the living room showed me he was there. He wore a robe clear to the floor. He had a crown on his head. I also saw long hair on each side of his head. All of these things occurred so fast! I dodged under the covers of my bed! But immediately I removed the blankets from off of me, looked again, the door was now shut and the angel was gone! I ran through the house to my brother’s bedroom. He was sound asleep and snoring! I then woke him up, and we both went looking for the angel, but he was gone, the front door was locked, so to get in he had to walk thru the door and into our home. I pray he comes back soon so we can fellowship together. I was saved by Jesus 51 years ago how. My ministry from my Lord is singing for Him. I also am blessed to be able to write! I give Jesus all the praise the glory!
    It would be a blessing to hear from you who love Jesus and perhaps have seen their angel also. Wonderful! I am Bob Bateman, singing Evangelist.


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