Answers and more questions…

I just heard from the neurosurgeon.

He and two other experts reviewed the MRI and found that the white matter around the ventricles is a slightly different color than it normally is at this age, possibly indicating a metabolic disorder. No pressure from fluid appears to be there, and there are no masses.

Nothing surgical will be required. We will meet with a neurologist by early next week to start blood tests to determine if treatment is needed. Sometimes it heals itself, but we won’t know until the blood tests are done.

I refuse to Google “metabolic disorder” and will wait to see the neurologist to obtain my information, hopefully sooner than next week.

So, we have some answers, but still are facing many unknowns.

Please keep praying!

Update: she will see the neurologist on Friday at 10:45am.

6 thoughts on “Answers and more questions…

  1. I know you’re still going to deal with a lot, but hopefully not too much. I am just so thrilled to hear that no tumors were found. Continued prayers for answers and guidance.


  2. We prayed 4 your precious baby girl@ our staff meeting@ work yesterday-Thanking God!!& So happy 2 know that Tori does not need any Surgery stuff!!!
    Jackie&i Love you all!! & our continued orayers go out 4 Tori& are w/you!!! in Him,thru Him,because of Him. jeff


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