Dreams of Healing

I haven’t personally had dreams about Tori that I can remember (not that I often have sleep that allows dreams these days), but many people who are following our story have told us about vivid dreams they have been having about Tori – a healthy, growing, healed Tori.

I pray that these dreams are prophetic – we know God often uses dreams to speak to people! I wanted to start recording these accounts in case she is healed on this earth and I need these later.

Here are the ones I was able to find – I will add more if they come in so that they are in one place.

If you have had or do have a dream about Tori being healed, please let us know!

“I had a dream that our family drove to Pennsylvania in the car we want to get to have lunch with you, Brennan, and Tori. Tori was in a high chair, so she was sitting up. I woke up before there were any vocalizations about her healing, but the fact that she was sitting up is a good sign, right?!”

“I had a dream that Tori was in a ladybug dress and going to her first day of kindergarten!”

“I had a dream that Tori smiled. I also saw you, Lesa, and you were holding Tori in your arms, and you were sitting at the feet of Jesus by the Mercy Seat, and surrounding the three of you was all of Heaven and they were singing and praying for you and Tori. I was crying.”

“I vaguely remember. She was older, though, much older. It’s just how I see it. I don’t know why I don’t see this ending tragically. I just don’t.”

“In my one dream she was running around the playground.”

“I was going to say that I had a dream last night about her sitting with Brennan asking him to read her the story about God’s promises, the covenant. Didn’t know you were going there (Bethel) today.”

















“Wow, the dream I had last night was that Tori was toddler size and talking and then I woke up and read your post about going to Bethel this morning. Praying for healing with you all! Our God can do this!”


“I didn’t have a dream, but while you were in California I did have a vision of her healing, God showed me that small things about Tori would begin to change; the light in her eyes that you’ve missed the last couple months will begin to return. When she is looking at you, you’ll be able to tell that she sees you and knows who you are. That she will smile! Maybe so small and inconsistent that you wonder if you’re seeing things, but then it will be more frequent and will become responsive. That the parts of her brain that were claimed by Krabbe would be reclaimed by the God who created them.”

“I did not have a dream, but about 24 hours after you were at Bethel, while looking at a photo of Tori, the photo  almost seemed to be a video as I thought I saw her face move as if she was inhaling. It occurred to me how cool it would be if that was the instant some sort of healing was happening.”

“About a month ago I had a dream that Tori was completely healthy and healed. It was truly an amazing dream!  I thought I was the only one who had that kind of dream.”

“I just had one last night. It was brief. I walked into a room in a house, like a living room. I see a little girl walk toward me and vocalize. I recognized her as Tori.”

“I do home health and take care of sick children, I trained a girl on Wednesday on my current case. Maybe it was my anxiety about training someone else, but…In my dream, when the other nurse and I showed up to the house, it wasn’t my clients house at all. At the time I didn’t know who’s house it was. But when you posted the picture of your freshly mulched yard, I recognized the house as yours. When we walked in the house, we found you Brennan and Tori, having breakfast at the table, and she was eating scrambled eggs, looked up at the other nurse and myself, and in the softest of voices she said “hi” pointed to her eggs, she said “eggs”, clapped her hands and laughed. I shot up out of a dead sleep around 3am, her laugh sounded so real like I had heard it while I was awake. Keep praying, don’t lose hope. He is listening. He is just waiting for the right moment.”

“I feel like it’s a sign that you’re asking this. I had a dream last night.  The details are fuzzy but we were talking about another child who was healed and feeling very encouraged because you said tori was showing signs of improvement.  In my dream this was a sure sign tori was being healed.  She wasn’t in the dream. Just you Lesa but we were overjoyed!!! Cannot begin to tell you how I pray with you all for this to be true.”

“I dreamed that you posted a video of Tori saying her first words. It was just days prior to you going to Bethel. I remembering just rejoicing when I saw the video. She was struggling to get a word out but I remember thanking God for her healing in my dream. I remember she had on a red dress.”

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