Dreams of Healing, Part Two

We are fascinated by the dreams people continue to have of Tori being healed. You can see the first post about dreams here.

While we cannot be certain that these dreams are prophetic, it gives us hope because we know that God speaks to people through dreams and visions! It is amazing how many vivid and detailed dreams have been had by so many.

Here are three more:

I had a dream last night that I went to a children’s boutique and Lesa was helping people. There was a series of children’s books about Tori. I introduced myself and then, from behind the counter, Tori came out running around and playing. I was so excited!

I had a dream about Tori last night…Tori smiled, she smiled so big. Her eyes just lit up and she smiled. It was beautiful.

…last night was the most vivid dream I had of your daughter.
In my dream Tori started smiling and began to regain her motor skills. You took her to the doctor and they ran several tests because she appeared normal. They couldn’t figure out the miraculous recovery.

Shortly after that she began crawling around and there was a child’s art easel in a room. This was so vivid because I even recall what she was wearing (white short sleeve shirt and raspberry color knit pants with a headband in her hair). 

She crawled to the easel and pulled herself up on it. You gave her some finger paint and she happily splattered paint on the easel. She giggled and smiled the entire time. 

I remember saying that this little girl is such a testimony and miracle. I had to share this because it really touched me. 

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