Eighty-Two Days

Our family has now been home for eighty-two days.

I remember when it was going to be thirty days and that seemed so long.

We’ve been living under the assumption that Brennan would return to work at the end of June and had made plans accordingly. The timing was perfect and would allow us to get our house completely finished and settled before he returned to work and “normal” life resumed.

We found out a couple of days ago that it might be ten days sooner than expected, and our reactions surprised us. Our reaction wasn’t one of relief, but of disappointment.

While I know that not everyone has a situation like ours, we have truly enjoyed every day at home together. We’ve made the most of our days, balancing productivity and family time. We’ve had a few minor arguments here and there, like any family does, but it’s truly been a wonderful, peaceful, joyful, productive eighty-two days. It’s been priceless.

We knew that he’d return to work someday, but since the return date has been pushed back more times than I can count, it began to feel as though this was our new normal. And I’ve loved it.

I’ve loved having help with the very energetic twins. I’ve loved seeing Brennan get to know his sons better than ever before. I’m so thankful that he’s not the kind of husband to just sit around, but rather does everything he can to take care of all of us and the house. It’s felt like a vacation for me, honestly.

I’ve loved the schedule/routine we’ve fallen into over the course of three months. And it’s all going to abruptly change in less than two weeks (unless our county doesn’t go “green” when anticipated).

I’m so thankful for these precious days we’ve had to just be together as a family. While I know our boys won’t remember the time that Daddy was home for three months, they will always have the strengthened bond they now share with him. In fact, we’re likely going to have separation anxiety issues when he goes back to work since they don’t even like when he leaves the room now.

So, we’re now living under the assumption that we have just thirteen days left at home together. We’re going to do as much as we can in that time so that when he is working again he can come home and simply enjoy his children (and wife) instead of doing house projects. I can’t believe it’s almost over.

Three months ago it felt surreal that he was going to be furloughed. Today it feels surreal that he is potentially returning to work, which will look very different for him for a long time.

I don’t take our beautiful marriage and family life for granted, but I certainly treasure it even more because of these past three months. ❤ From now on, we will be even more intentional about quality family time because we now understand the importance.

While I wish it hadn’t happened because of a pandemic, I’m still so grateful for these eighty-two days.

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